VERSUS & INTERVENTION (On going projects)

Versus:intervention After the creation of their first work “under” and reflecting on their experience, matanicola felt the need to continue exploring collaboration. Transforming and expanding their paradoxical idea of two or more artists versus each other, in their improvisation series »versus«, matanicola focus on improvisation as a creative tool and are interested in creating a frame which will allow them to share in every chapter a momentary event, every time in a different city or venue and every time with a different combination of artists. A sort of spontaneous meeting in a very flexible format, without any rules or long rehearsal periods, in which an instant composition will be created while being performed in front of an audience, exposing the fragility and risks usually taken during a creative process.   “Intervention” is an extension and expansion of matanicola’s ongoing improvisation series “versus”. This site specific series, strongly inspired and influenced by the architecture of the performing venues, is a reaction to space itself and a chance to discover and collect new choreographic material. matanicola actively participate in the work, intervening and interfering with the direction of the event.